FREE 15 Minute Evaluation

We evaluate younger students to see if they are ready for art lessons. and older students to discuss goals and lessons.

What We Teach - Kids & Adults

Painting - Acrylic


Acrylic paint is a fast-drying paint ideal for beginner or professional artists. Acrylic paints are water-soluble, but become water-resistant when dry. 

Drawing - Pencil


 The Five Basic Skills of Drawing are the Perception of Edges, the Perception of Spaces, the Perception of Relationships, the Perception of Light & Shadow, the Perception of the Whole or Gestalt.

Drawing - Pastels


 A pastel is an art medium in the form of a stick, consisting of pure  powdered pigment. Similar to drawing with colored chalk. Comes in chalk or oil pastel sticks, cakes, and powder.

Painting - Watercolor


Watercolor is considered the most difficult to learn because you are working with water. Water is fluid, it flows and  moves in all different directions and you must draw to color. With that said, many people master and enjoy watercolor paints.



We teach the basics of Maquette (small) sculpture. We use a variety of materials including clay, collage, found art, assemblage, and paint. We create ideas and turn them into 3D objects.

Drawing - Charcoal


We use compressed charcoal, vine / willow charcoal, and various tools to create high contrast drawings on paper. A fun, fast medium (messy) that everyone can learn. 

Lessons for all Levels

Beginning Adults / Kids

 We offer art lessons to kids ages 5 and up, teens, adults, and seniors. Our philosophy is that everyone can learn to draw or paint. Our lessons are very focused on the student and what they want to learn. Our instructors are teaching artists. Pricing

Intermediate Adults / Kids

Lessons tailored for art students that already have a basic foundation of techniques and skills, including blending, perspective, and use of materials. Lessons are unique to each individual student and their needs. Pricing

Advanced Artists

Lessons for experience artists that need specific skill sets, or an advanced critique. Discussions, critiques, and work on areas of weakness as perceived by instructor and students. Advanced students can also use the lessons for portfolio development. Pricing

Art Lesson Pricing

Select Your Medium


We teach what you want to learn! 

  • Drawing (Charcoal, Pencil, Colored Pencil) 
  • Painting (Acrylic, Watercolor, Pastels) 
  • Sculpture (Polymer Clay, Found Art/Assemblage, Clay) 

30 Minute Lesson


Mainly for younger kids with less attention span. All art supplies furnished. 

  • $20 (Pay Per Lesson) 
  • $50 (3 Lessons Pkg / Save $10) 

60 Minute Lesson


Adults, kids, and teens

All supplies furnished

  •  $40 (Pay Per Lesson) 
  •  $99 (3 Lesson Pkg / Save $21) 
  •  $180 (6 Lesson Pkg / Save $60) 
  •  $280 (12 Lesson Pkg / Save $200) 

60 Minute Lesson

Mommy and Me - Ages 5 and Up

A great way to spend quality time with your kids, teen, or adult kids.  60 Minute & 90 Minute Lessons available.

Custom Art Lesson

We can teach a variety of specialized lessons from art marketing to canvas stretching...or texturing to abstract. Give a call for details and pricing. Free consultation on specialized lessons.

Group Lessons

We often have groups, families, and teams ask about about doing a private group lesson / class. We welcome groups for lessons. Group prices available on request.

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