Is my child ready for Art Lessons?

What is the right age?

by Ron Floyd - Professor BFA/MS Art Education/Painting  Owner/Instructor SunDust


When will I know my child is ready for art lessons? While every child is unique, there are signs I look for in a child to determine if they are ready to take private art lessons. If your child shows these signs, he or she might be ready to start art lessons! 


Basic Pencil Skills - Ability to hold pencil correctly using correct pencil pressure on paper, Ability to draw circles, rotating lines, and random shapes and pencil abilities.


Recognition of Drawing Shapes - Ability to focus on a shape and copy that shape in a realistic way, duplicating form and lines


Understand Concepts of Light / Dark - Ability to determine light and dark colors and use them as instructed in lessons

Attention and Critical Thinking - Ability to understand mistakes, see mistakes and correct them. 

Curiosity and Interest  - Your child shows an interest in the art by drawing and painting. 

Follow Directions - Most art lessons assume that the child can follow directions. 

Attention Span - Ability to stay focused for 30 or 60 minute lesson.


Dexterity / Coordination -  Ability to hold and manipulate art materials like pencils, paint brushes, and erasers. 

Free Evaluation - Every child is different and unique in how they approach art. We offer our own no obligation evaluation (if requested) in a free 15-minute session where we look at your child drawing or painting. Give us a call to start your students creative adventure!