Open Studio - Canvas ( Pick Your Own Picture) $25

Anytime We Are Open


We are open 7 days a week. Check our days and times for exact hours. You can purchase Open Studio on our calendar, or at the door when you arrive. Studio Hours

Ages 5 to Adult


Ages 5 and up are welcome. Younger kids must have an adult supervisor. Teens 13 and older can be dropped off with appropriate permissions and paperwork.

Kids Pictures


Kids have fun selecting just the right picture from our walls. Age appropriate paintings make success meaningful and fun.

Adult Pictures


Adults can choose from over 350 paintings for their creative painting adventure. New paintings appear every week. Something for every taste in art.

16x20 Canvas & All Art Supplies $25


Once you select a painting, we place the painting on an easel next to you and show you how to paint it.

Pick Your Painting & Have Fun!


Lots of places do "paint by number" style painting, where everyone does one painting! We are different and the word is spreading. We sell out our events! Try It...