SunDust History

Founded in Mesa 2009


SunDust Gallery was founded in 2009 and was originally located in downtown Mesa on Main Street, a few blocks from the Mesa Art Center

Exhibits and Workshops


Our original concept was to bring local artists together in their own space with exhibits and workshops. Supporting the local arts!

Move to Gilbert


After 4 years in downtown Mesa, we decided to move to Gilbert. SunDust expanded into kids and family classes and programs for non-artists.

More Class Space - Less Gallery


Our Gilbert location has been ideal for expanding our class, party, and kids programs. We do miss our large gallery display areas.

Teaching Staff


With our expansion into more teaching, instructing, and kids programs, we have been lucky to have exceptional teaching artists and educators.

Future Arts Activities


SunDust is forever evolving and changing, but our philosophy remains steadfast. "Support arts education for all ages and have fun doing it".